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Refuge Retreat

with Gen Kelsang Lingpur
October 20-22, 2023

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Finding Real Protection-
Public Talk with Gen Kelsang Lingpur
Friday, Oct. 20, 2023
6:30-8pm | $10

At present we are human and free from lower rebirth, but this is only a temporary and not a permanent liberation from lower rebirth. We attain permanent liberation from lower rebirth by sincerely seeking refuge in the Three Jewels - Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.  Gen Lingpur will expain how to go for refuge and how to find real protection.

Guided Refuge Retreat
Saturday/Sunday, October 21-22

If we do not have a practice of refuge in the Three Jewels – Buddha, Dharma and Sangha – we will not enter Buddhism and this means we have no opportunity to attain permanent liberation from suffering or the supreme happiness of Enlightenment. Then we will have lost the meaning of human life.


The foundation of the Buddhist way of life is to go for refuge – to Buddha, to guide us along the spiritual path to enlightenment; to Dharma (Buddha’s teachings) to protect us from fear and suffering; and to Sangha (those practicing Buddha’s teachings) to inspire us, show a good example and to help us along the path to inner peace.


During a retreat we reduce our normal worldly activities and concentrate for a period of time on developing spiritual qualities and peaceful minds – finding happiness from within. You are welcome to drop in for any or all of the retreat sessions. Gen Lingpur will guide each session with a short teaching with time to engage in prayers and meditation.


Public Talk $10

Full Retreat $25 includes public talk

Individual Sessions  $5

Free for Supporter/Benefactor members

Friday, Oct. 20  
6:30-7:15 pm  Introduction Public Talk

Saturday, Oct. 21             
Session 1: 8-9:15am

Session 2: 1-2:15pm

Session 3: 3-4:15pm

Sunday, Oct. 22

Session 1: 8-9:15am

Session 2: 1-2:15pm

Session 3: 3-4:15pm

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