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Drop-In Classes - In Person
(Available online with $45+ membership)

Pay on arrival
Or explore all our classes and events with a trial membership here.

Architecture Model

New Mind, New World

Sunday Morning


$10 (free for members)

9/25 Letting Go of Anger & Resentments

10/1 Transforming Adverse Conditions
10/8 Patience with Difficult People

10/15 Learning to Rely on a Spiritual Guide

10/22  Feelings Aren’t Facts 

10/29 Healing Body & Mind

These classes emphasize practical methods to use meditation and Buddhist teachings to make our lives more peaceful and happy. Class includes Prayers for World Peace, a guided meditation at the beginning and end, a Dharma teaching on a different topic each week, and time for Q&A.

living-meaningfully-dying-joyfully-frnt-web_2018-11 (1)_edited.jpg

 A Buddhist Perspective on Death and Dying

Tuesday Evening


$10 (free for members)

9/26 Powa: How to Prepare for our own Death and Benefit Others Who Have Died

10/3 How Does Karma Work?
10/10 How We Create the Causes of Suffering
10/17 The Ways In Which Karma Ripens
10/24 Factors That Increase Karma - Negative or Positive
10/31 How to Purify Past Negative Karma


These classes serve as a bridge between the Sunday classes and our structured study program - Foundation Program. Class includes Prayers for Meditation, and the teachings are usually based on a book or a series topic, though drop-ins are welcome as each class can function as a stand-alone subject.


Simply Meditate

Saturday Morning


$5 (free for members)

9/30 Inspiration OM AH HUM - Wangmo  

10/7 Body of Light - Esmeralda
10/14 Clarity - Arlene
10/21 The Root Mind - Michele
10/28 Cherishing Others - Jacqueline

These classes consist of simple guided breathing and visualization meditations that can be practiced by everyone. Each meditation is guided by an experienced Meditation teacher with simple intructions and plenty of time to focus on the meditation and experience inner peace.

Green Valley/Sahuarita meditations
(In person only)

Simply Meditate: 30-minute guided meditations with senior practitioner Cynthia Elwood.

Wednesdays, 11-11:30am - Cost: Free

Location: Friends in Deed, 301 W Camino Casa Verde, Room A

Green Valley
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