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Buddha Tara Prayers - Liberation from Sorrow

Monthly on the 8, time varies
check our calendar

During these difficult times, we can join together in praying that our leaders will act out of wisdom and compassion, that division and deluded views will come to an end, and that the power of love will prevail throughout our country and the world.

Tara is a female Buddha, a manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all the Buddhas.

Tara is our common mother, our holy mother. During our spiritual growth, we need to turn to our holy mother, Tara, for refuge. She protects us from all internal and external dangers, she provides us with all the necessary conditions for our spiritual training, and she guides and inspires us with her blessings as we progress along the spiritual path.


‘Tara’ means ‘Rescuer’. If we rely upon Mother Tara sincerely and with strong faith, she will protect us from all obstacles and fulfill all our wishes. Since she is a wisdom Buddha and a manifestation of the completely purified wind element, Tara is able to help us very quickly.

If we recite the twenty-one verses of praise, we shall receive inconceivable benefits. These praises are very powerful because they are Sutra, the actual words of Buddha. It is good to recite them as often as we can.

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