Public Talk: The Great Preliminary of Refuge

September 1 | 6:30-8pm

with Kadampa Teacher, Gen Kelsang Tsoglam


We know from experience that the everyday things of this world – our jobs, relationships, possessions, status, etc. – cannot supply us with real security or happiness. All of these things are fleeting. Finally, they vanish altogether. Establishing inner refuge in our mind and heart is the foundation for experiencing freedom and joy here and now….and on into the future.

Gen Tsoglam will share with us that the foundation of the Buddhist way of life is to go for refuge to Buddha, to guide us along the spiritual path to enlightenment; to Dharma (Buddha’s teachings), the opponent to delusions, the source of all our suffering; and to Sangha (those practicing Buddha’s teachings) to inspire us, show a good example and to help us along the path to inner peace.




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