Public Service

School Visits

Kadampa Meditation Center Arizona’s staff is happy to send speakers to local schools and to arrange for group visits to our Temple. This is a casual and easy way to introduce children and young adults to basic Buddhist concepts and encourage diversity. We are happy to adapt our programs to your specific needs.  For more information or to book an event contact the Education Program Coordinator, at

Hospital & Hospice Outreach


As part of our chaplaincy program, we offer bedside visiting and a variety of meditation sessions for both staff and patients to help bring a more peaceful, calm and positive approach in the face of adversity.

We also offer Powa services, a practice for transferring the consciousness to a Pure Land at the time of death. This can be done in the hospital or hospice at the time of dying, in a formal session for family and friends at Kadampa Meditation Center Arizona, or in conjunction with funeral services. For more information contact the Education Program Coordinator, at

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