Tranquil Abiding

Silent Retreat

following the Meditation & Mindfulness

7-week meditation challenge

Meditation & Mindfulness Half-Day Workshop

Start to 7-Week Meditation Challenge

Saturday, February 3rd | 2-5pm

with Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Lingpur

With improved concentration comes increased peace of mind and a more positive outlook to life. The benefits come as we learn to take a calmer and more mindful approach to our lives which benefits the way we approach everything from the most mundane everyday tasks to our most important interpersonal relationships.

Concentration and mindfulness are key concepts within Buddhism and by making personal improvements in these areas we can benefit more from our meditation practice, making it possible for us to take on ever more challenging and complex meditations and progress further down the path to enlightenment.


For the beginner and experienced practitioner, learning techniques to improve concentration and mindfulness will bring an immediate and noticeable benefit to our everyday lives.

You are welcome to attend just the workshop, there is no commitment to do the 7-week meditation challenge.

Tranquil Abiding Silent Retreat

Friday - Sunday, March 23 -25

with Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Lingpur

The above workshop will be the basis for the 7-week meditation challenge in which participants will chose an meditation object to focus on every day for 7 weeks and will culminate in the Tranquil Abiding Silent Retreat, held at KMC Arizona.

During this weekend, we will keep complete silence during sessions and the breaks. Each person will focus on their chosen opbject of meditation. If you can't attend the February workshop but would like to join this retreat, please contact us for further instruction on how to come prepared in order to make the most of your retreat.


Friday: Introduction with Gen Lingpur 6:30-8pm




Lunch (provided)








Cost: $20 pre-paid, $25 at the door

1/2 for Supporting Members

Free for Benefactor Members

Cost: $50 pre-registered only

1/2 for Supporting Members

Free for Benefactor Members

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